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What's a Billion?

9 months after it's delivery into an unsuspecting world, Apple sets a record never even conceived of in the modern world. A billion downloads of third party applications to iPhone and iPod Touch devices. A BILLION.

Of course Apple has profited, AT&T has profited, but the incredible thing, all  of the developers that have also profited. Each of the more than 25,000 programs, was conceived of and written by someone with an idea, that up until 9 months ago, had little chance of seeing it's way to a computer. Development and marketing costs kept the unfunded or underfunded away from the market. Now, even a nine year old had sold a application in the App Store. It's a finger painting program. There are  stories of people with little programing experience writing applications that have made six figures. It is truly an amazing shift in how we thought about the cell phone market a year ago.

Now understand, I am clear there is some real garbage on the App Store. How can it be that a fart app makes it to the top ten? or that a baby shaking app could even be considered...(Apple by the way, has removed it and apologized for allowing it in the store in the first place). But, the good far outweighs the bad.

I now have a complete dictionary, the constitution, about 50 work and personal documents, 50 pdf's, google earth, e-books, audio books, movies, pictures, music.....all on a device I can fit in my front pocket. My wife often asks me to look up someone's Chinese animal on my iPod Touch ....because I can.

Apple shifts paradigms consistenly, and that's why I love them. Congratulations!


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