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What Is Within Walking Distance?

If one of the parameters for finding a place to live is being close to shopping or theaters or parks, this is the app for you. It scores potential neighborhoods for their 'walk score'. That is, what is within walking distance from your home. Simply, it's called Walk Score (free).

All you have to do is type in an address and you will be directed to a map with a flag marking the spot with a rating from 0-100 indicating the walkability of that location.

It will also put markers on the map showing locations of restaurants, coffee houses, groceries, shopping, schools, parks, book stores, bars and entertainment, plus more. So within minutes you can tell if your children's school is within walking distance and if the park to walk your dog is nearby.

Now if that wasn't enough to run and download the app, listen to this. You can also search for rental properties from within the app. Type in a city and will be provided with every rental listed on Craigslist for that location.....along with its walk score. Just tap on a flag, and you will get a description of the apartment, rent amount, directions so you can drive by it and a link to view it directly on Craigslist.

This is an amazing app at an amazing price - free.