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Valerie Plame in Burlington

PlameValerie Plame, the outed CIA agent was in Burlington this past Sunday to plug her new book FAIR GAME and to give us her take on what the government did to her, her husband Joe Wilson, and the uncounted other undercover agents oversees. I was very impressed with her. She is the real deal. She stayed very non partisan and continued to focus on the breach of trust which bordered on treason. She wanted to be very clear about using that word, and not using it irresponsibly. The analogy she used was if a government official had divulged her name to a Russian reporter, it clearly would have been an act of treason. So, what then is the difference if a government official told an American reporter?

She is not what you would expect a "spy" to look like, she was very engaging and she was eager to tell her story. Personally, I am ashamed that this type of thing could happen in the United States, but the real kicker that I can't shake is that at the time she was outed, during the build up to war in Iraq, she was working on uncovering where weapons of mass destruction were and on non proliferation issues in the middle east.


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