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Top Apps You'll Want For 2011

So now it's 1-1-11, a real beginning. There are countless sites and blogs giving you their top apps for 2010.

I wasn't going to chime in on this but, what I noticed is that some of my absolute must have apps were missing.

So here they are:

Bento ($4.99 app, $49 for desktop) is a relational database made by FileMaker Pro. Think of it as FileMaker light. It can be used as a stand alone app, but really shines when used in conjunction with the dektop program. Create any kind of database you can think of, relate it to your calendar, e-mail and contacts and sync back and forth between your iDevices and desktop. So, you enter a contact into Bento, sync, and it shows up in your contact file on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Same with making changes.

Pocket Informant ($14.99 iPad, $12.99 iPhone) is my replacement calendar app. The reason I use it is because I can keep to do's and appointments all in the same place, so that when I look at my schedule for the day, I see everything. I love the interface on my iPad. It looks like a ringed leather binder with pages you turn with the flick of a finger. It actually feels like my old Daytimer from years ago.

DocsToGo ($9.99, $14.99 pro) This is the equivalent to Microsoft Office for iDevices. Apple has Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, which are also outstanding apps, but for someone used to Office, this is the go to app. You create, save, and edit documents very much the same as in Office. It has the capability to save to the cloud a number of ways includeing .mac, dropbox and google docs. With the free desktop version, you can transfer docs to and from with all formatting intact.

So those are the big three that seemed to be overlooked by other lists. Have a prosperous 2011 with your iDevices.