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The Week of Gadgets

IphoneWell, you have probably already heard. The cell phone will never be the same. Remember when we used to carry a walkman around to listen to music? Remember when computers only came in beige?

Apple Inc., formerly Apple Computer before yesterday, has unveiled what cell phones will look like very soon.....June to be exact.

I am not a real cell phone fan. I still use my Palm Tx for keeping my schedule, contacts, notes, documents etc. My phone has exactly 8 numbers entered into it. I could never get past having to type the number keys multiple times to type letters.

I never have tried to use the web on my phone, why would I want to do that. My eyes aren't good enough to see anything, not to mention having to scroll to see anything, and then keep scrolling.

Now imagine a phone with one button. Yeah, I know, seems impossible. Well on Apples new phone, everything is done with your fingers. Scrolling, typing, tapping....all of it. Now imagine a phone with a full operating system, OS X on it. That's right, OS X on a phone! Unbelievable. So, what that means is that everything is very familiar. The phone works like a real computer. Touch icons, and they open functions like contacts, calendar, web pages, music, movies, podcasts, text messaging.....scroll through menus by simply sliding your finger up, down or across the gorgeous screen. Tap on a contact, then the number, and the phone dials. As you pick the phone up to your ear, a sensor shuts the screen off so you don't mistakenly tap something on the screen with your ear lobe. Pull the phone away, and the screen magically comes back.

That's not the only sensor in the screen that will astonish you, the one that made my jaw drop is the one that can tell how you are holding the phone. Hold it upright and the screen is in portrait display, turn it sideways and the phone automatically knows what you are doing and refreshes the screen to display in landscape.

If you need to dial in the current fashion, tap an icon and up pops a dial pad you simply touch to dial. Same thing when you need to enter a name. Tap an icon and up pops a virtual keyboard. Type normally. But chances are you won't have to enter any names because the phone will synch to your computer  through itunes and get your entire database onto your phone. Don't worry though you have 4 or 8 gigs of memory. In a freakin phone......

OK, now the bad news. $499 and $599 for the 4 and 8 gig respectively. And it will be exclusive to Cingular network. But do remember this is a phone AND an ipod. Smartphone $299 and ipod $199.....$498.

It won't be here till June, and it won't be for everybody, but oh my, my, my.

and did I mention the built in 2 megapixel camera?

Go to Apple Inc. to have a look at it, but don't forget your drool cup.