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The Real Estate Website Redesign

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Why the Real Estate Guide?

Some say that with the popularity of the web, and the ease with which information is distributed through it, that print media will disappear. I disagree. It is true that in the real estate industry, more than 80 percent of people begin their search online. It is also true that ebooks and emagazines are becoming more popular because of the Kindle and iPad. Borders has gone out of business, some say because no one is buying books anymore, but all I have to do is take a trip to Barnes and Noble and watch people line up at the counter with books to buy to see something else is at play.

Borders didn't move at all to the web or to digital media. They saw no need to adjust. Barnes and Noble did. They saw what was coming well in advance, they had vision and the will to move into those areas because that is what the public wanted. Companies have to pay attention to what the public wants. That is what the Real Estate Guide does and has always done. They serve two masters. Realtors and house hunters. Realtors are the ones that are responsible for the content of the magazine and house hunters are the majority of the readership. Michael and his staff have always done a masterful job of taking the content that Realtors submit and create a visually appealing and interesting magazine. They distribute it everywhere, or so it seems. Everywhere I go, I see their red boxes that look like London phone booths.

The house hunting public does search online, but almost every client I have worked with over the years tells me about a house they saw in the Real Estate Guide. They are not using just one media to search for a new home, they are looking everywhere. The Real Estate Guide has had a website since for many years in addition to the magazine. It has worked well for Realtors because it generated additional interested clients.

It's a New Day

Over the years the Real Estate Guide's website served everyone well, but it needed an upgrade. Union Street Media, the premier real estate web designers, created what we think is a cleaner and more friendly site. House hunters can search for properties right from the home page now. There is information about living in Vermont that is helpful and informative. Inquiries about ads in the magazine are directed to the advertising Realtors....everyone wins.

I hope you like the site as much as we do and keep coming back to read up on what's happening in real estate and to do your house hunting.


This article submitted by Steve Overton, Keller Williams GMP

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