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Talk To A Real Person

I know you like being put on hold or asked
to listen to robo voices giving you options
and numbers to push, to hopefully, finally get
to talk with a human

Neither do I.... And I am embarrassed to say that
in the Real Estate sector, we as a collective group
don't fair so well with this. You are not being served as you
should be. You deserve to talk with a person and not
be pushed off to Robo Ronda or Robo Rob and then to
a voice mail. Gratefully, in my office we do still have a
live person answering the phone.....but I digress.

Here is the place to go if you want to find the unpublished
numbers for a whole database of companies that get you
directly to a live person and bypass that whole electronic thing.

Talk with Me

There's a number for.....get this.....Microsoft.
Get a real person, first time at Microsoft? Whew!
There are numbers for banks, government offices, car rentals,
credit cards, finance companies.....and on and on.

Go ahead, check it out and save yourself some time and
definitely some aggravation.

Don't miss reading the Tips section for ways to help
get through on phone numbers you already have
that send you through the gauntlet.