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Support the Troops REALLY

Iraqforsaledvd I am going out on a limb with this post, but I can't help it. I came across this video and feel everyone needs to hear the story.

Supporting the troops is truly a patriotic American thing to do. .....and I support the troops. I believe they deserve to be taken care of while overseas and especially when they get to come home.

Full disclosure here: I do not support this war. I believe we have been lied to. I don't believe the troops are being cared for over there or over here.

So, if you think we belong in Iraq and are doing the right thing over there, you won't want to go any further.....This video will only make you angry. I understand if you don't visit this blog again. I believe that strongly about this.

The bad thing though is, if you are like me and don't trust what we've been told, this video will make you more upset. It tells the story of how our troops have been compromised by Haliburton, KBR, and the countless other independant contractors. How our men and women in uniform are being used for profit.

Acclaimed director Robert Greenwald (Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price, Outfoxed, and Uncovered) takes you inside the lives of soldiers, truck drivers, widows and children who have been changed forever as a result of profiteering in the reconstruction of Iraq. Iraq for Sale uncovers the connections between private corporations making a killing in Iraq and the decision makers who allow them to do so.

You can click here or click on the link on the left to watch trailers and/or buy the DVD for $12.95

We can't support the troops unless we know the whole story.