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Such A DEAL!!

I am a Mac guy.
I'm proud to be one.
Don't hold it against me, please. I am well versed on PC's too......
have to be, in Real Estate.

If you haven't guessed by now, I also lean toward the geeky side.
Some say I do more than lean.
Either way, there is a website I visit almost daily
to see what deals on gadgets are out there.
I spend all of my time on the Mac side of the site,
but if you are looking for on PC's, peripherals, printers, thumbdrives....
just about anything techie related, this is THE PLACE.

The Big Deal

These folks don't sell anything.
They simply list places where the best deals can be found on the web.
So, they aren't invested in one vendor, or manufacturer.
They get off on finding the best deals .

I have purchased multiple times through their leads
and have never been disappointed.

Good shopping!