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Straw-Bale Homes Provide Shelter for Native American Families in Need - Alternative Materials, Energy-Efficient Construction, Green Building, Solar Heating - EcoHome Magazine

Everyone’s first impression of straw bale is The Three Little Pigs,” laments Mark Jensen. At Red Feather Development, not only is straw bale not the stuff of fairy tales, it’s a material that’s providing an affordable, efficient solution for families in need on American Indian reservations.


I built a small 12x12 straw bale outbuilding about 10 years ago simply because I wanted to see what it took to build. It is still standing and has served a great purpose as an additional storage building. I would build it a bit differently today, knowing what I know, but I am still completely sold on it's sustainability using renewable resources.

I love hearing that the technology is being used to provide housing to families that need it.


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