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Stop Whining!

I am proud of my step daughter for writing this piece....

The Choice is Yours…Just Make it UP

Posted: 18 Mar 2013 05:25 AM PDT

Joy or no joy, happy or unhappy…that choice is yours and yours alone.  Contrary to what you believe,  things and people and circumstances can’t make you ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’, only YOU can do that.

Granted being happy for no reason or being joyful no matter what takes skill and determination, however it CAN be accomplished.  You can be happy and joyful no matter what, whether you are shoveling crap out of the cat’s litter box or dancing at a ball with a gorgeous partner…

the choice is yours and yours alone.

To be happy and joyful no matter what requires you to develop the skill of making something up out of nothing, generating pure unabashed enthusiasm for no reason what-so-ever.  This CAN be done and I know this because I was trained to do it…when I was 14 .... I wanted to go to the mall with my friends and my Mom wanted me to first help her 

wrap some CHRISTMAS presents.  

  Being a cooperative teenager

I did not wish to wrap the presents first,

I wanted to go to the mall…

My Mom said that if I could wrap the presents with her 

displaying an attitude of joy and enthusiasm,

I could then go to the mall, mind you now 

the wrapping of the actual presents 

could have taken about 30 minutes

if I had been more willing…instead it took all night…

I said that I would wrap the presents, however I was angry and sullen and if you know my Mom that was just plain unacceptable…we had a swinging door from our kitchen into her office and she said “go into the kitchen and come back through that door with enthusiasm”….so the sullen, angry teenager went through the door stomping her feet and came back through with some pathetic version of “happy” to wrap gifts….Mom said, “NO PASS” —do it again.

Keep in mind now my Mom is a Prosperity Teacher and a Results Coach so my whole life was a classroom and this incident was no different…back I went madder than ever through the damn door…back again I came, madder…

”NO PASS, do it again”…

Back I went, complaining that I WASN’T happy, so how could I generate ‘happiness and enthusiasm”, my Mom “just MAKE IT UP, do it again”…

Back I came crying about how MEAN she was and how none of my friends mothers did this crazy stuff, blah, blah, blah….”NO PASS, do it again”

This went on for several hours, back and forth through that silly, damn door and then FINALLY…I got it…I had to just CHOOSE IT,


Was there a “reason” to be happy?  NO! 

Was there evidence to support my enthusiasm???  NO! 

Did that matter??? NO!

I just had to generate something out of nothing to get the damn job done and in that moment I mastered it, I got it and I came flying through that door the happiest son of a gun you ever saw!  Mom said “PASS!!!!!”

That was one of the defining moments of my life and one of my greatest lessons, my Mother knew what she was doing, she still does…she was and continues to train me for excellence, she trained me that day that it doesn’t matter what is happening all around you, you CAN CHOOSE to be joyful, happy and enthusiastic no matter what.  That choice is yours and you simply make it up.  You can do this whether you are sitting in traffic, waiting tables, cleaning toilets, parenting kids or sitting in the sun on a tropical island.

Life brings to you what you bring it, if you bring complaining

and despair then life will bring you more of that…

if you bring happiness and enthusiasm then life will multiply that for you.

Its Monday….run through that swinging door with CRAZY JOY AND ENTHUSIASM just because you can…I dare you!