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Solve the High Speed Dilema

Kr1routerLiving in Vermont is the most wonderful thing.....
except if you want to live in the country AND have high speed internet access. I live in Fairfax and am one of the lucky ones. I live just within DSL range, but the majority of town can only get high speed through satelite.

Well, here is a gadget that could solve that issue. It is a wireless router that accepts a phone company wireless PC card in a slot in the back. So, what that means is you can use your cell phone high speed access to broadcast to all the other computers in your house wirelessly or via ethernet cable. Now I know Verizon offers this but you should check out if your provider does also. The cost is a little bit more, like $60/mo., but you can even take this on the road and use it anywhere you have cell coverage.

Kr1 router by Kyocera

The router does require power, so you won't be using it on Long Trail, but could be a very good option if you are out of a typical cable or DSL service area.