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Save Big, A Little At A Time

With all the ups and downs in energy prices, it is a good thing to keep an eye on how we use it in our homes. One place that gets overlooked alot is the kitchen. Here are some things we can pay attention to that will reap rewards over time.

- use the right size pot on the stove burner. A six inch pot on an eight inch burner, wastes over 40% of the heat produced by the burner

- close the refrigerator door faster. In other words, avoid standing with the door open while deciding what to cook for dinner, or if you are like me, stand with the door open while I try and remember why I even opened the fridge in the first place.

- If your refrigerator is ten years old or more, a new one will use as little as half as much energy. (according to the Alliance to Save Energy, the refrigerators in the US alone use the equivalent of the output of more than 20 large nuclear power plants.)

- clean the heat reflectors under the stove top burners. They really are designed to be more than a catch all for spills, they help reflect heat back up to the pot.

- once water boils, it won't get any hotter, so turn it down or off.

- check gaskets on your oven and refrigerator doors to make sure they are not leaking.

( information from The Home Energy Diet, Paul Scheckel)


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