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Quilt Show

This is a shameless plug.....My wife is a prolific her spare time. Rooster_back_blues Understand that she runs a training and coaching company, and has written more than 20 books....... and quilts more than 200 quilts/year........ in her spare time.

It's inconceivable, and unbelievable.....except for the fact that I watch it happen and actually have cut a good deal of the fabric into 5 inch squares for her. She gave 175 away to a nursing home last year so every resident and every employee had something to brighten things up.

Anyway, every year she puts on two shows, one in New York and one at our home in Fairfax, (this year on Oct 15). We will be hanging around 100 quilts around the pool, in the woods, along the driveway, in the gazebo and on parked cars. I will post a selection online for viewing and ordering, if interested. My next post will have the link and you can call me 802-861-6252 for directions if you want to see it in person.