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Predictions? How'd I Do?

Now that the new iPad mini and iPad Air are available, I thought it would be instructive to go back to my post where I laid out predictions to see what was true and what was bogus. Here what I posted:

Here are the 5 most interesting rumors 

1. New iPads and iPad Mini's. iPads will be faster, thinner and have a smaller bezel.
   iPad Mini's will come in colors similar to the iPhone 5C.

2. There will not be an iPad Mini retina screen yet.

3. A MacPro release date will be announced. 

4. The new OS, Maverics, will be available a week after the event.

5. Still no Apple television set. 


#1 was half right. iPad Airs ARE faster thinner with a smaller bezel, but Mini's do not come in colors.

#2 was totally wrong. Retinas are here.

#3 was right. The new Mac Pro will cost $2,999 and go on sale in December.

#4 was right. Mavericks was available that day

#5 was right. Apple TV was not even mentioned.

Actually not bad for a rank amateur.