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Organize Buying Process

If you are currently looking for a new home or if you have recently bought one, you know that it is at times overwhelming. I have worked with enough people to realize that the buying process would be much easier if there were a workbook that kept things in place, and explained many of the processes. I have been putting together such a booklet, but as it is in my busy world, I haven't completed it.

This weekend I was in Barnes & Noble and there in the business section was "The Home Buyer's Organizer" by Todd Thornton. Click Here  Not only is this book everything I have been working toward, but way more....and is only $15.00.

There are sections for selecting a real estate agent, ABC's of financing, choosing a house and neighborhood, making an offer, inspections and more. There are forms and questions that spark a very useful thought process, worksheets for figuring out your budget, and calculating mortgage payments.

I am not going to stop working on my booklets, but in the meantime go get a copy of this, it is definitely worth every penny.