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New Lockboxes

Ibox_60This upcoming week, the Northwest Vermont Board of Realtors is going to be changing over to electronic lockboxes. The old keyed lockboxes with be retired. Everyone who purchased their lockboxes over the years will now have material for a giant welding project or boat anchors or something hopefully as creative. The bottom line is we will move into what some call "a new age".

The enticement is that these new boxes will create much greater security for the home owner. Which they definitely will. There will be record kept in the box of who opened it and when. That data will be transferred to a website and updated daily. So, if someone leaves a door open, or leaves water running etc., there will be an electronic trail to find the responsible party. Another enticement is that the listing agent will know who showed the property and when, so they can contact them. Every realtor will be able to open these new boxes with either another device called an ekey or from their palm device or palm treo.

All good stuff.....but, what information is being stored on the boxes from the ekeys or palm devices? Who is compiling the data? All we are being told is that it will only be general info such as who we are, where we work, etc. and it will be encrypted while on the lockbox. This is the place I start to go south. Of course I have nothing to hide, I'm not going to do anything sketchy, so why should I care? Well for the same reason I'm not too happy about Verizon having the ability to gather and share my information without my knowledge or approval. The company that manufactures these lockboxes is GE, a major government contractor.

I have been an advocate for higher security with regard to keeping track of who enters homes for sale.
I am also sensitive to giving up information under the guise of greater security. To be safer.

When I asked the question "how often has there been a security problem with the current system?", the response I get is "hardly any".

Maybe it's just me.


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