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New Fire Safety Laws

Smoke1If you live in Vermont, you need to be aware of the new fire safety regulations that affect everyone, at some point. Here is the place to go to read all about it, but in brief:

"In 2008 the Vermont General Assembly amended the smoke alarm (detector) law by requiring the photoelectric smoke alarm (detectors) be installed in new single-family dwellings and dwellings that are sold or transferred after January 1, 2009.

The alarms must be located in the vicinity of any bedrooms and on each level of the dwelling, along with one or more carbon monoxide detectors in the vicinity of any bedrooms in the dwelling, installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions."

Here is a pdf you can download:

Download Fact_sheet

This is rather current for me. A month ago I came close to losing my house to an electrical fire. It started in my attic and luckily I found it in time enough for the damage to be contained there with no structural damage. But now you know I have updated fire extinguishers and fire alarms.

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