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My Free iPhone 5- What's good and what's Meh?

So it happened. I took the plunge. I traded my trusted iPhone 4S for a new iPhone 5. I watched the Keynote from the WWDC conference with anticipation, waiting to hear if a new phone was going to be announced. Lots of good announcements, a new MacPro, updated MacBook Air, and iOS 7. 

Based on my experience, a new iOS is almost as good as a new phone, but still not quite. iOS 7 is going to dramatically change the way all upgraded iPhones look. It takes the look and feel of the OS we have come to take for granted and turns it into something that looks a bit like Android. That's both good and bad.  

The most important part of our phones hasn't changed much since it was first unveiled. Well hold on, because it is going to look dramatically different. I will hold my judgement until I get to work with it. 

Since a new phone wasn't even hinted at, I took ATT&T's offer to give me a new iPhone 5 when I trade in my iPhone 4S. It was quite painless. I was in and out of the store in about 20 minutes with my new best friend. The most noticeable differences are that it feels considerable lighter and thinner. It has more screen real estate so I can get 4 more apps on my home screen. That seems trivial, but it actually is a welcome change for me and my 218 apps. The larger screen also allows me to read books and pdf's in landscape in a larger font size without having to scroll side to side. Again, that may seem trivial, but I read documents everyday on my phone and the trade off between font size and side to side scrolling is a real plus.

My phone seems to be a bit peppier and the camera seems to be a little crisper. Other than those few differences, it would have been disappointing if I had paid $200 for a new phone. My 4S was a great phone.

Now for the bummers. I am a gadget hound, so I have a plethora of peripherals. I have a Mophie backup battery case, a clock radio with a dock, a hub/dock combo to mention just a few. They will all require and adapter from now on to use since the 30 pin connector went away and the Lightning connector took it's place......and at $30 a piece, I will be carrying the one I bought around with me everywhere I go. I am sure I'll end up buying 1 or 2 more eventually, but didn't feel like taking the plunge right away. I did buy a couple of extra cables though from third party providers. 

All things considered, I am very happy with my new iPhone 5 and even happier that I didn't have to pay for the upgrade.