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My Favorite Apps

I have been thinking about what question I get asked the most when talking about my iPhone and iPad. That question is "what apps do you like most?" or "Whaddyagot that's new?" So I thought I'd start highlighting apps that I have on my iPhone and iPad.....they total about 220. Don't worry, I most likely won't get to all of them but, will highlight the ones I use most to begin with.

If I pick the the app I use the most, it would have to be Mail.

I have three e-mail addresses that I use and bring them all into the app. Generally I check all inboxes at once to see what's newest. But if I am looking for mail from work, I open just that mailbox to find what I'm looking for.

I create rules on my desktop that helps organize mail as it comes in, but can manually move mail to folders on my iPad or iPhone on the fly.

The other thing I love about the mail app on iPhone and iPad is the ability to click the edit button to mark multiple e-mails for deletion, not to mention being able to just swipe left on a message to delete. I know I can shift-click multiple e-mails in mail on my desktop, but it's not quite as elegant.

I also love that I can e-mail with ease from my devices. I can send photos or other attachments while away from my desktop.

Basically, with regards to staying in touch, I don't miss a beat just because I am away from the office or home. I love that!

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