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Movies On A Camera

So, you know I am a Mac guy.
Well, I also attend Mac User Group meetings.
Stopped rolling your eyes? Ok.

Our last meeting was really something. We had a guy by the name of Art Bell come and speak.
Art is a film guy. Very talented. Very knowledgeable about video, film and macs.
He has done alot of short films ranging from political shorts to a video about a green prom here in Vermont.

Well he showed us a short film he made about skating on Lake Champlain.
The amazing thing is that he made it exclusively on his Canon Elph camera.
That's right, the kind of digital camera we all have and probably don't even know what all the buttons are for or what all the settings do. It is amazing to see what is possible. Here is his site Dream Like Pictures, go and check out the film named ICE and you'll see what I mean. He has won at least two short film festivals with ICE and RIDE....both done on his camera. You can see them both on his site along with a number of others.

I was so intrigued by what I saw, I started playing around myself and produced a short 4 minute film from my Casio Exilim. I loaded the film into iMovie, put some music behind it and in about 2 hours total had a neat little video.....from my camera!