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More Tech Tips

Another great place to keep current on what is happening in the technology world is at CNET TV.

There you will find hundreds of searchable TV reports such as "Tips and Tricks", "Gadgets and Gear" and "Tech News".

There is a video with 10 or so reports and reviews that range from interesting to "Oh wow, I can't believe it!" One of those just happened to me......and I didn't just fall off of the gadget truck.

I own a video ipod and have a bunch of downloaded "Daily Show"
episodes on it....and I have wondered for a while
just how to play them on my TV.....

So, when Small Dog (a well known Vermont Apple computer dealer)
opened in S. Burlington, I rushed in and purchased the required cable.
With Apple products, I know that making things work is never a problem.
So, I hooked up the cable, turned on my ipod and nothing.
I fiddled with it a little, but was in a hurry and
hadn't been back to try it again. When I recently checked out CNET TV to catch up on new tech news, there in the menu was a video tutuorial about doing just what I wanted. It turned out that it was a minor adjustment.....
a setting on my ipod that needed attention.

I felt a like I should have known it, but I do.

You should at least stop by and try it out.....
I think you'll be at least entertained....
but maybe that question you've been stuck with will be answered too.