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More iPhone Apps

It seems that every day I spend an inordinate amount of time looking for and testing new and interesting apps for my iPod Touch. Currently I have more than 100 apps downloaded, most of which I have loaded on my Touch. Having been a died in the wool Newton user back in the stone age and reluctantly moving to the Palm universe, I have seen my share of software and applications. I am not really a game guy, short of an occasional game of Sudoku, but have downloaded a number of them to get a feel for how the accelerometer shines.....and it really is amazing to tilt my Touch to control what's happening on screen.

Mostly, my crusade is to find the perfect productivity apps. Ones that make my experience more enjoyable and easier. The truth is that there are a ton of apps that do just that. So, I thought I'd take some time to go over some of those that I use and would recommend......Don't worry, I'll only cover one at a time.....

The app that I use the most is one that is built in....the music app. Although I have almost 1000 songs on my Touch, what I listen to is podcasts.....and I listen to them daily. I listen to politics, comedy, and technology (mac of course). I listen in the car while driving, while walking (exercising), mowing the lawn, vacuuming the pool, even while shopping in the grocery store. The only radio station I listen to is Vermont Public Radio, but I don't listen to them a fraction of what I used to. I get the news I want from the podcasts I download. It's true that the news is delayed, but I find it more satisfying and informative. iTunes has thousands of podcasts on every conceivable subject, including University classes which have been recorded and uploaded. Universities like Cambridge, Duke and Georgia State have content available.....for free.

Audiobooks are just the icing on the cake. Again, thousands of books can be bought, downloaded and listened to during those idle moments we seem to have so many of. I have listened to books that I never would have found the time to read.

If for nothing other than filling your mind with what you want, not what the tv or radio wants, you should really consider buying at least an iPod.


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