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Managing Photos

Google_logoI didn't really realize it until a few days ago, but I use a number of Google's free add-on programs. Picassa, their photo managing/editing software, is one I use all the time. The way it catalogues and displays photos makes it the friendliest to scroll through. And yes, I often have to scroll because I can't remember what name I gave to the photo.....I usually can find the folder but as an old friend once said "it's not by filing system that doesn't work, it's my retrieval system."


Another program I use exclusively is the mapping software, Google Maps. Not only will it give you the standard views, it will allow you to click and scroll rather than having to refresh the map by clicking on a directional arrow. You can also click a button and get a satelite view....that is really very cool. If you like that you can also play with Google Earth and zoom in from space to any location on the globe.

There are many more very helpful programs that Google offers......
Here's a link to the whole library.....

Free Google Programs