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Lower Your Heating Bills

With the winter closing in, my thoughts always go to how I can button up the house a little bit more this year. One place that will bring the greatest and fastest payback is with additional insulation. The current recommendations for our region (Vermont) are:

Ceilings:            R49 to R60

Walls:               R38 to R49

Floor:               R25 to R30


In general terms, when you double the R value of your insulation, the heat flow through the insulated surface will halve. Your bill, however, may not halve because of other, less well-insulated surfaces in the building. Typical savings for retrofit insulation are on the order of 20-30% of your heating bill. For a monthly heating bill of $200, this can amount to $40-$60 in savings.


If you are trying to decide which one or ones to do, start with the upper most ceiling or roof.

That’s where the majority of heat is being lost. So get up in the attic before winter hits and you’ll be glad you did.


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