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Looking for a Rental?

Gridguide I just found out about this site that was created by a fellow realtor friend of mine. He owns a number of rentals himself and has been frustrated with the current avenues for renters and landlords to find one another. Some sites were useful, but charged for you to list a property or even to get in to see what was available. Other sites were just plain awful. So, he has spent an amazing amount of time and money creating this site that allows landlords to list their available units and allows renters to find just what they are looking for. It works on a grid system that shows you how many 2-8 bedroom units are available in your area, when they are available, how much the rent is, whether pets are allowed, if it is handicapped accessible and much much more.

Not only is this an amazing resource for renters, but landlords can list any number of units for free, too. No kidding, this is the real deal. There are no gimmicks, nothing. Information is sent directly to the landlord, not to him.

Right now, listings are in the greater Burlington, VT area, but since it is totally open, anyone, anywhere can participate. I love this idea.  I developed a site a few years ago, too that allows you to search our whole MLS without having to divulge any info and get full details about listings.

Making it easy for people to get into a home is always a good thing. Check it out, you'll be amazed, too.


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