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Looking for a Home?

With back to school just around the corner, real estate sales will be experiencing an uptick. Maybe it's because vacations have come to an end, but historically sales pick up in the fall. is the most used site for searching and researching homes for sale, and has just updated their iPhone app. When it was first released, I was somewhat underwhelmed. This update though, has included a search function that takes advantage of touch screen technology that adds a real WOW factor.... You can draw a circle around the neighborhood you are interested in and it will return all homes for sale in that area.

It is quite common for families to be interested In certain neighborhoods that have good schools, or nice playgrounds, or good shopping nearby, and up until now there was no easy way to search in just the right places. You would have to create a search and then weed through results that invariably included areas you were not interested in.

I am sure that this technology will be common in the near future, yet I am very grateful to have it available now.

It is an iPhone/iPod Touch app for now, but does display on the iPad in reduced resolution.

If you are looking for a new home, you will be very impressed with the new app.