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It's All iPhone All The Time

Starting yesterday and continuing through this weekend, iPhone news is all over the place.
Yesterday the new operating system for iPhone and iPod Touch, OS 3.0, was released.
Things like cut and paste, voice recording, landscape view in multiple apps, global search
are just some of the additions. Here is a link to read about 40 things included in the upgrade.

Tomorrow is the day the new iPhone 3G S is being released, touting twice the speed of the current model.
There are two models; 16gig for $199 or 32gig for $299.
If you are in the market for a new phone, the best deal in town is to get the current 8 gig model for $99 and then upgrade to the new OS 3.0 for free. You will forfeit the new speed and the other updates in the new phone, but it still is very enticing. At&t is saying they will have that deal until they sell out.

I upgraded my iPod Touch yesterday  to 3.0 and so far only one app has issues. Fliq and it's associated apps are unable to synch to my mac. I can still use them on my touch, just can't synch. Still stinks.


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