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iphone review

Iphone_hero_20070621I stopped by an Apple store today, one because I was traveling to Boston, and could, but I really wanted to see and iphone in person. All I can say is OH MY! I love it! It is just a little smaller than my old friend......the Newton. Truthfully, there is still no device that compares to the Newton.(1997 technology). but I digress......holding the iphone in my hand today took me back. I had the same awe that I had when I first held a Newton in my hand. This device is so ahead of anything else on the market, it is not funny.

Standing in the Apple store, I logged into the e-mail function and e-mailed my wife a message, checked her website, listened to the Dixie Chicks and made a phone call all within 10 minutes......that's including checking out where I was on Google Maps online, writing a note in the notepad, and scrolling through the entire music file to see what was loaded onto it. Kudos to Apple for activating the phone  and web functions so that any bloke walking in could REALLY use the device.

Now one of the most revolutionary functions that has never been seen on any device until now is the way that you can resize a web page or photo on screen. You simply place two fingers on the screen and scrunch them together or apart to increase or decrease the size of the page or photo. And to scroll through the address book or music list.....or any other list for that simply drag you finger up, down, or across the screen to zip through the come no one ever thought of this before?

I want one. I'd buy one except that AT&T isn't available in Vermont......oh well. I intend it soon will be.

I highly recommend checking it out and buying one if you can. It is well worth it. You probably missed the Newton fever, you could now be part of the iphone fever.


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