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iPad again....

It's now been about 2 months since I got my ipad wifi edition. It was a generous gift from my stepdaughter and I got it two days after they went on sale. I admit that I was totally enamored at the beginning. It was so new, so cool and I had one of the first ones. Now that I have my head on straight, the honeymoon is over... I am hopelessly in love. I take her everywhere with me. I sold my laptop (granted it was an older ibook), and use my iPad for everything.... reading books, keeping pdf's for review, calendar, addresses, to do lists, movies, tv shows, video and audio podcasts, newsreaders... not to mention checking in on my real estate business. While exercising on a treadmill I watch netflix movies or the Daily Show or the latest news from Rachel Maddow. I keep track of multiple databases on Bento and dictate letters into Dragon Dictation.

When my 10 year old grandson was visiting recently I had plenty of things for him to do...He drew pictures, played games, recorded events.....he had a blast....and I never had to teach him how it worked, he just figured it out.

I have 148 applications, 364 songs, 31 videos and 59 photos loaded and still have almost 10 gigs left.

I am amazed at how my new best friend has made my life like new.