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Intuition and Ego

This blog post for the Harvard Business Review talks about how successful CEOs trust their gut, especially when they are well informed. Intuition is something we all have. We get a feeling about a decision we are making. The real skill comes when we can determine the difference between that and our egoic mind. Warren Buffet thought he was making a good decision when he bought a textile company so he could fire the CEO who screwed him.

But what does this have to do with us and real estate?  Well, can you tell the difference between ego and intuition? Have you ever made a decision you regretted. Have you ever had an idea or gut feeling that you ignored and regretted it. We work with all kinds of people; buyers, sellers, realtors, attorneys, mortgage lenders every day. How do you separate yourself from everyone's agendas....including your own? The best quote from the article is "know your business, know yourself", but that may not necessarily be the correct order.