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Inconvenient Truth

WidgetthumbToday I went to the opening of An Inconvenient Truth
at the Roxy. It was a fundraiser for Bernie for Senate.

Al Gore is back in his element....

This is a MUST SEE movie.
I graduated with a BS in Geology back in the 70's
when the last oil crisis reared it's head.

I confess that I have been on the fence about the global warming
conversation until very recently. The earth does go through cooling
and warming cycles......very long ones.
I know that humans contribute to the warming
but haven't been convinced of the extent being purported.


The science is irrefutable.
Our responsibility is undeniable.

The best part of the movie is that it doesn't leave you depressed,
Gore shows that we have all the technology required,
all we need is political will.
And best of all, we can make a difference by making a stand
and making individual changes and choices.

Don't miss this movie......

Check it out here