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If You Want To Be Paid For What You Do......

I like a deal. I admit it. I search for clearance items and sell outs that I am too cheap to pay full price for. I have come a long way from when I wouldn't pay full price for anything. Now I don't mind paying what people ask for things. I came to this realization by seeing that if I insist on not paying full price, how can I expect anyone to pay full price for what I do? It is hypocritical for me to always wave the discount flag when buying, but put it away when selling. I always wanted a deal but wasn't willing to offer one, or would feel cheated if I did.

android vs. iphone

I saw this cartoon by Scott Johnson ( that depicts the difference between iOS and Android users that helps illustrates my point. My experience is that the Android ecosystem has created an expectation that everything is free, or should be. If I have to pay for an app, well that's just not going to happen. (Full disclosure here, I do know iOS users that only download free apps, and Android users that pay for apps, but neither is the norm.)

What I don't get is, why wouldn't someone be willing to pay 99 cents for a piece of software? We're talking a buck, 1/4 of the price of a Starbucks coffee that you only rent. Really?

A lot of people call me a geek, (I'm not really, but that's for another time), yet I know I want nothing to do with writing code to build an app for my iPhone. It takes countless hours writing cryptic symbols to make it so I can fling that bird through the air or drive that race car, or even create a to do list to organize my life. There are real people working real hours so we can have a working computer in the palm of our hands.

Why should they work for free?
Do you?
Would you?

I am a Realtor and often hear the complaint from other agents in the industry how clients continue to ask us to reduce our commission. The collective position is that what we do is worth the price we charge. I believe that's true. Most people don't realize the hours we spend behind the scenes to make sure a transaction goes smoothly, yet the agents doing the complaining are often the ones that fall into the "99 cents? Eff that." category.

I think that if we compared the time spent programming an app, to the time we spend on managing and coordinating our transactions, the hours would be similar in many cases. Now, I do not mean to compare app programming to real estate, but it does seem to me hypocritical to be unwilling to pay 99 cents for something that will make our phones more useful and/or enjoyable, while at the same time expect to be paid full price for what we do.

If I want to be paid full price, I have to be willing to pay full price.

Go ahead, drop that 99 cents, support the people that help make the miracle of a computer in your pocket a reality. But more importantly, let's take another look at our hypocrisies.