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How Deep Is Your Well?

If you are like me, you want to know all the how deep is my well? How many gallons per minute does it produce? Now gratefully, I wasn't the one who paid to drill my is 865 feet deep. The only reason I know that number is that the pump died and I had to have it replaced.

Often, when people are interested in buying a house, water is one of the important details to know about. Here is the website for the Vermont Department of Natural Resources. You will see all sorts of info you didn't know you wanted to know. There is a link to a map that will tell you all the info about wells you want to know.....depth, gallons per minute, date of installation, static water level.

I will tell you to be patient. The site is a little tempermental and there isn't a way to easily know where you are on the map, but if you know where you are looking, all you have to do is click on a well site, and up pop the stats. I will also tell you that not every well is on the map....only the ones that were registered. Newer wells are more likely to be included. Mine is not on the was drilled in 1961.


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