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HootSuite Makes Social Media Easy to Negotiate

HootSuite is now my new best friend when it comes to Twitter applications. The interface is clean and easy to understand and I can manage all my social networking sites in one app. I have been using HootSuite (free) on my iPod Touch and online for some time but couldn't take using it on my iPad in the iPhone mode......but no more. They just came out with an iPad rewrite that is glorious.

I have a couple of different Twitter and Facebook accounts that I update on a regular basis and often want to retweet something in one account to a different account. Within HootSuite, I can send the same entry to all my Twitter and Facebook accounts at once. What a delight! All the same functions are available with one addition that makes life worthwhile. The little owl pops up in the lower right hand corner to let you know your message was sent and just as quickly disappears again. Everytime I see that I smile. I didn't need a little cartoon owl to make my life complete, but it gives an extra couple of smiles a day.

There is also a great tutorial on, @techsavvyagent.