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Frustration Averted

I love my iPad Air! What I love most is how light it is. My iPad 3 was light too when I bought it, but by the time I put a folding case on it, it started to feel a bit hefty. So, when I bought my new Air, I only went with the Apple cover because it was as minimal as I could find and added the least amount of weight. 

There is a problem though. Sometimes I want to work in portrait mode. Certain apps only display in portrait also. The Apple cover folds to prop up the iPad but only in landscape mode, so I have to work flat if I want to be in portrait mode. Not any more. 

This may be a big Duh!......I just took the cover off, folded it and since it has magnets embedded in it, it formed a triangle that kept it together, I could rest my iPad on in a perfect position. 



I know, Duh! only took me 8 months to figure it out.