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Friday Pick Of The Week - Route4Me


If you ever use a mapping app to get you from one place to another you have probably wished at some point to be able to route more than one destination.

In real estate, I often have to take clients to more than one location and I spend a fair amount of time trying to determine the most logical route to follow.

Route4Me is a free iOS app that allows me to input up to 10 addresses and sit back while the app generates a starting and ending point. Many of the mapping apps I have will allow inputing more than one address, but only Route4Me will optimize the order in which I visit them.

The app does not include voice guided navigation but does include written directions.

How I use this app is I generate the order in which I want to go in Route4Me, then bookmark the locations in Maps in that order. Then when I am done at one location, I simply tap the next bookmark and navigate to it.

I you simply want a print out of your route, you can also access the same features on their website