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Free Video Calling

I have been thinking about video conferencing for a while now.
My grandson lives in Nashville and I don't see him very often
and really would love to see him when we call.

My wife bought a new imac with a built in camera, so we have the technology,
but my step daughter is on a PC and though I know it is easy to set up
she is intimidated. The camera is easy, but the software is another thing.

Now, there is a site I just found out about called SightSpeed, that does
all the behind the scenes work. All you need is a camera and download their software.

go to Sight Speed here

I haven't completed it yet, so I will keep you updated on the progress,
but I am encouraged that this may be the missing link.


I have clients that are out of town and this could also be a great way
for having a face to face conversation.

And best of all the basic program is free.