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Foliage in Vermont

Vermont Fall Foilage | Living in Vermont | VT HomesVermont Is Heaven

Vermont is one of the most visited states in the country for leaf peeping. Maybe it's because the colors are more vibrant here due to the sugar maples and the wide variety of deciduous trees. Maybe it's because of the blend of mountains, valleys and bodies of water. Maybe it's the relatively short distance to Boston and Montreal. I'd like to think that it is all those plus the quality of life, food, air and people. I am biased, but I think Vermont is as close to heaven you can get while still breathing.

'Tis the Season

Although Vermont is beautiful in all her seasons, fall happens to be the most precious. The weather is mild, the black flies and mosquitoes have moved on and the color is magnificent. We get an average of 3.6 million foliage visitors each year and they boost the economy by around $331.9 million. It's a win-win.

It's Not Too Late

Traditionally Columbus Day marks the peak of foliage season, I am still stopping by the side of the road daily to take photos of the vibrant colors. Some people I know in Boston have asked me if they could still drive around back roads, due to the damage from Hurricane Irene. The facts are that there are still some roads under repair, but most hard hit areas have fixed roads to allow traffic flow and those not hit as hard, are back to normal. Some have come and thanked me because they would have missed this year's foliage display if they hadn't spoken to me.

I know I must sound like I work for the state or the Chamber of Commerce, but I don't. I just wish for everyone to be visit and see what heaven really looks like....and maybe be just a little jealous they don't live here......yet.


This article submitted by Steve Overton, Keller Williams GMP

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