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Fliq Suite iPhone apps

These are the best I've found for combining notes, todo's, and documents on my ipod touch.
Mark/Space is the company that first made it possible to sync my Palm to my Mac....really.
It's a company that has an understanding of how we use our handhelds.

Fliq is the application that resides on your desktop that you simply drag docs, notes or todo's to.
Magically they appear immediately on your iphone/touch. Fliq,  Fliq Notes, Fliq To Do and Fliq Docs are all separate programs. I am still looking for them to combine all four of their programs into one but here is why that won't be happening soon. If you have Fliq on your iphone and your buddy has it too....and you are in wifi range, you can send a note, to do, photo or even a contact to your buddy, straight up.

I imagine it will be used for sharing photos primarily and maybe for sending contact info. But what I use it for is getting word docs and pdf's onto my ipod touch. I refer to docs daily on my touch. I am on so many boards and in so many meetings and now I can always have the info I need at my fingertips....literally.

All their programs are free except for the desktop version which is $20 for either Mac or PC

Check them out here


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