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iPhone Arrives!!!

3g-iphone-1Finally it's here in Vermont.

I opted to purchase an iPod Touch 2G a while ago because I didn't know when the iPhone would actually arrive. Well we wait no more. As expected the response has been overwhelming.

I have always been uncomfortable with the idea of combining all my devices into one, simply because of laws that are beyond my control....electronics break & electronics malfunction. So, I never made the move to a smartphone and said I never would.

That was then, and this is now. Having used the iPod Touch, I can now envision making the move to an iPhone. I still have a two year contract to complete with Sprint, but carrying two devices all the same time, everywhere, is starting to take it's toll. The seamless ability of my Touch to work both on and off the internet, makes me feel like I have a handheld computer......really. It will never take the place of my desktop or laptop, but it is far beyond the experience I had on my much beloved Palm Tx.

The one thing that still wows me is my Touch's ability to sync contact, calendar and mail activity by itself whenever I am in wifi range. So get this, I put an appointment on my iMac at home this morning, I get to work, turn on my Touch and there is the new appointment. No attaching wires, no clicking to sync, no pointing my device at my's just there. Same thing with changes or additions to my contacts.
Very useful and very cool!

I'll post some of my favorite apps in the future.


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