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File Conversion

ZamzarlogoHave you ever gotten a file you couldn't open because you didn't have the program that created it? There is a website that will convert it and e-mail you a link to the conversion, which you then download to your computer. It's called Zamzar.

Now I am not a big fan of web based that lives on some company's site that you get to use and they get to charge you a monthly fee. Rather than buying software outright, you rent it......just doesn't make sense to me.

This one is a little's free. You don't have to register or give them any information at all other than your e-mail address. What you do is choose the file you can't open, choose the format you want it in, fill in your e-mail address....and you're done. Go and check your e-mail. You'll have a message from them with a link to download the converted file. That's it.

You probably won't use the site all that often, but when you need to, it'll be a lifesaver.


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