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Farmers Markets


This is a repost from last summer,
but it is that time.....

Why move to Vermont?
Quality of life.

That's the most common answer.
Taxes are high here. Winters are cold.
Summers are short......
But, life is remarkable, scenery is magnificent,
the pace is slower, people are friendly and kind.
It's a great place to bring up a family......
....Quality of life.

Well, for me, quality of life also includes
being able to drive through a sleepy little
Vermont town on a summer afternoon
and buy home grown vegetables and flowers.
Not to mention the amazing baked goods, honey,
and maple syrup that are always available too.

There are always seasonal surprises too, like blueberries,
raspberries, and watermelon. Soon there will be pumpkins
and gourds. Pure heaven. Mostly the food isn't heavily irradiated or
dosed with Roundup. Tomatoes taste like tomatoes, not red cardboard.
Cucumbers taste sweet, not waxy.

Anyway, you get the idea......
But, where are these wonderful places?

Find a Farmer's Market

Go here and type in a town or a zip code and
bingo! All the markets in the area pop up.

Enjoy the harvest!


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