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Evernote, My New Best Friend

I am guilty. Guilty of a pervasive behavior in the mobile world........Loading an app onto my iPhone or iPad and then forgetting about it or not using it all that much. My story is that I use Dropbox for storing and transferring documents via the cloud and thought of Evernote as an app that did pretty much the same thing. And it does, but actually, it has far greater abilities. Here is a video by a business consultant named Spencer Reynolds that does a very good job of explaining what's possible with Evernote. What is most amazing about Evernote is its search capabilities. It uses optical character recognition technology, which simply put, allows it to recognize handwriting. So a word can be found even in a handwritten note. I don't have to worry about filing my note into a folder right away if I am in a hurry, a simple search will retrieve it.

I am now cataloging client files and setting up presentations as well as keeping track of receipts and hand written notes. I have finally seen the awesome capabilities that are now at my fingertips.