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Camera+ Gets Even More Awsome!

If you take photos on your iPhone or iPad, you owe it to yourself to buy Camera+(.99 on sale now) by tap tap tap. This has been my go to photo app for a couple of years. I love how it allows me to have both a focal point and exposure setting at the tap of a finger. It has a stabilizer that helps me take perfect photos even when I shake. It has editing tools and filters that rival many of the most popular photo apps you may already be using.

One feature I like is that it stores photos taken with Camera+ in a folder called Lightbox and not in my photostream. That prevents my photos from automatically being uploaded to all my devices. I can choose which photos to be moved individually.

New Features

They just updated their app and added some really nice features. My favorites are: - a flash for the front facing camera. How they do this is flash a white screen as the camera takes your picture. - a horizon marker so that you can adjust camera tilt in real time. - a live exposure setting that displays the iso, shutter speed and more discreetly on the screen so you can see it change in real time to get the best photo possible.

The developers have put Camera+ on sale in celebration of the update. So now there is no reason to not have the best photo app on your device.