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Bookmarks Where Ever You Go

Firefoxtitle  Here is my favorite browser for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is, that it's not Internet Explorer. Why would you want to use the browser that is MOST vulnerable to viruses?....has always been and continues to be. Next, Firefox plays with both PC's and Macs. I like that because I do both, but we know by now my preference is the latter. But the real major reason is because of all the addons that you can get for free. The one that's the reason I won't be leaving Firefox in this lifetime is an addon called Foxmarks. It keeps all my bookmarks current across all my computers. So, all my bookmarks on my PC at the office are the same as the bookmarks on my Macs at home. If I bookmark something new on the PC, all I have to do is 'foxmark' it, sync when I get on the Mac and bingo, everything is the same in my browsers.

It is the major life saver in keeping track of all the links I have and share on this blog. Plus I can categorize them any way I want too.

It used to be I'd bookmark something at home and have to e-mail the link to myself and then add it at work, or vice versa.

Ok, so if those reasons don't get you to download and switch to Firefox, and you still want to keep bookmarks on the web in one place (ie. you still want to use IE), there is Backflip. This is a web based program, free of course, that will allow you to transfer or load bookmarks so that you can retrieve them on whatever computer you are on, as long as you have internet access. Give it a try. It takes a few more steps but it works very well. You can even add a button to your title bar that will automatically place the current webpage onto your backflip page. Look for the 'Backflip It' button.