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Become Way More Organized

Here is a place I just found out about that promises to increase my ability to keep things from dropping through the cracks. It's a site called Jott. This is how it works.....

from your cell phone, call Jott's toll free number, tell the recording who you want to leave a message for, leave the message, and Jott will transcribe your message and send it as an e-mail with a copy of the recording, or as a text message to another cell phone.

I spend alot of time in my car with my phone by my side. Rather than pulling my Palm Tx out and trying to jot down a note, so that I'll remember it, I can now call Jott and send myself an e-mail that I'll pick up later. I can also send multiple messages with just the one call. All I do is tell Jott who to send the messages to and bingo they are off. Now here's free. I dont' know how long it will stay that way, but you should definitely check it out while it still is.


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