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Audio Books

As if you need a reason to buy
that ipod you've been coveting for these last months.

I had trouble justifying my own purchase for some time.

But do you know how much time I spend in my car?
Well I put about 30,000 miles on my car last year.

I listened to CD's and books on tape, but my car started
getting filled with paraphanalia.....and I thought...


I am not a big music guy.

Don't get me wrong I do listen to an eclectic assortment of music.....
from chanting tibeten monks
to P!nk singing Dear Mr. President and Andre Boccelli belting out
arias. Let's not forget everything Simon & Garfunkel ever recorded.

I digress....

I bought my ipod so I could join
and download books to listen to while I am driving,
walking through the mall, or cutting wood with my chainsaw.

I never seem to have enough time to sit and read and
being somewhat a slow reader, I need a little more time
than normal. Now I have listened to a slew of books
and magazines during slack time....time that would have
gone by listening to ear candy, or worse, just noise.

For as little as $90 bucks you can pick up a shuffle and get started.
$150 for a nano will be the best and coolest investment you've made
in a while.

.....who knows, maybe you could slip in an episode of the daily show.