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Agency Disclosure

If you have been looking to purchase a house,
and have gone out with a Realtor,
you most likely have been asked to sign a paper
that tries to explain who the Realtor is representing.
The form is often referred to as an "Agency Disclosure".
It is long and has alot of legal terms and explanations
and mostly leaves people more confused
than when they started.

Here it is.....

By law Realtors are required to disclose to the public who they are representing.

A Realtor can represent you or the person(s) selling the house.
If you didn't sign an agreement with a Realtor to represent you,
then you are technically representing yourself.

That's really it.

Do not divulge confidential information to any real estate broker or salesperson
with whom you do not have a written contract.
If a real estate broker or salesperson does not represent you,
they are representing the opposite party.

To read an actual "Agency Disclosure" go here
that will let you see what one looks like.