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If you are like me and try to stay away from Microsoft products as much as possible, Mozilla has just released a new version of their browser Firefox . One of the reasons I stay away from Microsoft is because I am a self proclaimed Mac snob, but more importantly is that most viruses and trojan horses utilize the holes in Internet Explorer and Outlook. So the further I can distance myself from them, the better.

Even if you want to continue using Internet Explorer, Firefox is really worth a look. It is a clean interface, easy to navigate and it has some of the greatest add-ons I've seen. One in particular is an add-on that will sychronize bookmarks across all your computers. So now, without having to copy files and import them.....all you have to do is hit sychronize and bingo....all bookmarks are the same. I love this because I now have all my personal bookmarks that I use at home at work and all my business bookmarks at home. It's called Foxmarks.

There are many more add-ons that will let you do things like copy only the pages of a website you want or portions of a certain page and mail them to someone.

If you like to make your surfing easy and fun.....give it a try.